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Whether it's organisational, digital, strategic, operational, financial, or cultural change support you need, we're here to help.


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Tranzformd is a consultancy that helps companies with ambitious change and transformation projects. Using our extensive network of experienced professionals, we achieve desired outcomes efficiently and effectively, with scale, speed, and agility.

More than just exceptional individuals, Tranzformd provides hands-on, highly specialised expertise in planning, managing, and executing projects to address tangible business challenges. We prioritise enduring success, relying on robust frameworks, processes, and tools that leave a lasting impact and promote ongoing improvement.

The Tranzformd difference

Business & Technology Strategy

Specialist Technology Solution Services

Management Consulting Solutions

We partner with you to develop a deep understanding of your business and support you to transform your digital ecosystem.

We support you to help foster innovation, optimise your operations, and ensure sustainable growth in the digital era.

Our Products & Services

Technology & Data Strategy

Aligning your business, technology, and data strategies with a connected approach to ensure each critical area works together seamlessly.


Improving the efficiency of your IT finances by optimising cloud transformation and investment.

Enterprise Architecture

Creating flexible and future-ready IT structures that meet your organisation's needs and set you up for success.

Program Delivery

Skillfully managing and completing complex IT projects within schedule and budget, supporting your company's mission and values while minimising risks and resolving potential issues.

Testing & Automation

Ensuring your IT systems are reliable and high-quality, while making testing more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.

Team in a Box

Offering a skilled and ready-to-deploy team that smoothly integrates into your business, providing a cost-effective solution for short-term projects.

Human Capital Consulting

We use AI behavioural science and efficient performance management systems to predict future talent needs and enhance your team's productivity and growth.

Technology & Data Strategy

From startups to major ASX-listed companies, our team has assisted diverse businesses in achieving their transformational goals, delivering optimal outcomes, and opening doors for further growth.

Case Studies

Upscaling Business Through Technology Tranzformation

Migration & Innovation

The Challenge: Scaling a Startup

An Australian-based tech business engaged the Tranzformd team to accelerate the migration of their existing monolithic platform to a microservices/domain-based environment. With the client still operating as a tech start-up, they were struggling to scale using existing processes and procedures. By transforming and uplifting their systems, the company would not only be able to upscale their operations, they would also be able to deliver new functionality to customers faster.

Our Approach

Tranzformd started tackling this project by undertaking a technology and architecture review of the company’s current setup. This helped our team construct a strategy imperative and an actionable roadmap. This enabled the business to achieve their transition through a series of seamless as possible. Our expertise in constructing microservices architecture and building domain-based services meant the Tranzformd team were able to successfully complete the transition within the provided time frame - on budget and on time.

The results are in!

This Australian-based tech business said goodbye to the constraints of startup structures and hello to booming business. Our tailored microservices solution allowed for improved workflow and productivity, thanks to faster iteration. We also helped future proof their processes by enabling the business to continue learning and testing. This was achieved by their ability to release small incremental changes to their customers when needed. Tranzformd also worked closely with the businesses’ engineering team to help improve their delivery process. With the upgraded infrastructure, our client was able to shift from sending out a new release every two weeks to sending one or two new releases every single day!

Modernising Internal Operations with Cloud-Based Computing

Tranzforming a Legacy

The Challenge: Leaving the Legacy Behind

The Tranzformd team were engaged by a global investment bank to improve their work speed, flexibility and efficiency by migrating their internal operations from an outdated legacy system to cloud-based computing. Our client faced significant challenges due to their reliance on an in-house critical system which had become obsolete. With recent updates to best practice, the bank needed an upgrade in order to gain easier access to specific marketing, sales and legal documents at any time for auditing purposes.

Our Approach

Tranzformd partnered with the client to mobilise an end-to-end software engineering, testing and delivery team to help modernise their systems and complete the project on time and on budget. Our focus throughout the project was to migrate their data to a centralised, cloud-based library, while ensuring compliance with financial regulations. By creating a smooth and seamless system, our client would not only be able to effortlessly meet regulatory requirements, but also improve their operations and open up the opportunity for further growth.

The Results Are In

Legacy platforms and antiquated processes are a thing of the past for this global investment bank. As a result of our diligent work to upgrade the platform, our client was now able to conduct business more efficiently and effectively with their enhanced user experiences, improved protocols, streamlined development integration and systematic information-sharing among teams.

A Complete & Comprehensive Overhaul of IT Infrastructures and Strategies

Total Tech Tranzformation

The Challenge: Review, Optimise and Overhaul

An ASX-listed technology property group engaged the Tranzformd team to tackle vital and immediate issues that were hindering their digital capabilities and IT efficiency. Due to snowflake data inefficiencies and an absence of effective governance, our client struggled with a number of concerns, including a lack of clarity and direction, hindered long-term growth and competitiveness, hampered decision-making and risky technology implementations. There were also issues with service-provided contracts, which were proving costly and not guaranteeing the necessary support. Our mission (which we choose to accept) was to complete a comprehensive overhaul of their existing IT framework, in order to overcome these obstacles and chart a path toward a more streamlined and competitive digital landscape.

Our Approach

With a large task at hand, the team broke the work down into four key deliverables:

  1. ICT strategy review
  2. Service provider contract optimisation
  3. Snowflake data warehouse enhancement
  4. Establishment of an architecture review board/design authority.

By dividing up each piece of this large project, the Tranzformd team were able to comprehensively address all issues and areas of concern.

The Results Are In

After our overhaul, this ASX-listed technology property group was set up for success. With strategic planning contract optimisation, data warehouse enhancement and the implementation of governance structures, our team were able to successfully address the client’s pressing issues and position them for a more prosperous digital future.

Fortifying Cybersecurity & Creating Comprehensive Compliance

Safe and Secure

The Challenge: Obligation Overhaul

A major ASX-listed insurance company engaged the Tranzformd team to lead a comprehensive review of their cybersecurity practices to ensure they were aligned with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) guidelines.

The organisation wanted to ensure sensitive data and customer information was safeguarded and secure, while also mitigating any cyber risks through comprehensive compliance to APRA regulations.

The main challenge involved scrutinising and evaluating the intricate web of IT obligations in the company’s broker and insurer binders/contracts.
Our overarching goal was to identify, assess and map the organisation’s obligations in accordance with the Critical Information Security Controls (CIS 18) in order to strengthen the insurer’s cybersecurity posture.

Our Approach

The Tranzformd team began by reviewing all the broker and insurer binders/contracts in order to identify and map the major insurer’s IT obligations. Our investigation revealed 288 distinct IT obligations embedded in these agreements.

Each of these obligations was meticulously mapped in alignment with the CIS 18, which enabled the team to provide a structured framework for robust cybersecurity governance.

With a more detailed view of the company’s binders/contracts, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of potential vulnerabilities. This enabled us to lay the groundwork for developing targeted maturity improvements in the company’s cybersecurity.

The Results Are In

By identifying control weaknesses, the Tranzformd team were able to input proactive measures to address vulnerabilities within the broker and insurer binders/contracts. In aligning the insurer’s IT obligations with CIS 18 controls, we were able to significantly fortify the insurer’s compliance posture, in turn providing the organisation a more resilient defence against cyber security threats.